Transsexual and Transgender Information - Introduction

What This Site Is Not
This is not a transsexual support site, resources directory or personal advice website. I don't attempt to explain transsexualism or gender issues here. There are many fine websites that do these things, some of them linked below. Also see my FAQ page and my LINKS page on the navigation bar on the left of this page. I would never presume to advise someone I don't well know in real life, much less someone I've never met. Except in very specific cases, I won't try to answer questions not covered here. Instead ask at some of the online support groups on the LINKS page, however keep in mind that real life support is the best support. The only time I will answer questions is for transsexual patients living with HCV or HIV. Then I can offer referrals to SRS surgeons and answer very general questions. Under no circumstances will I give out medical advice. It would be unethical and dangerous for me to do so.

What This Site Is
These pages recount my personal experiences with the medical aspects of TS transition, especially my sex reassignment surgery (SRS), Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) and cosmetic procedures. I present graphic, unedited photos (so be foreward) of Before, during healing and After. I list a brief timeline of my full path, including my first aborted transition, and I've included pages from my SRS diary and much more. Please see the LINKS pages to find information, resources and support.

LINKS Information
Over the years I have amassed many links to resources for transsexual people, which I and others have found useful. The majority of them may be found on the LINKS page to the left, with especially notable links on my FAQ page and the most helpful ones follow right here.

Dr. Lynn Conway's website is an encyclopedic, multilingual collection of useful information for both trans and non-trans readers. A must-visit site for anyone who wants to understand these issues.
Andrea James' TS Roadmap is an amazing community resource for transsexual women serious about transitioning. It covers the steps in a successful transition and then some.
Gender Education & Advocacy ( provides information about transsexual and transgender issues. It hosts a huge database of resources (though not 100% up to date).

WARNING - Dangerous Hormone Use

Some transsexual people with no formal medical training "diagnose" and prescribe hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for other people they've never met, much less examined or taken proper medical history. Even worse, they counsel others NOT to trust their own doctors when it comes to HRT. I was foolish enough to follow such bad advice, resulting in liver problems. When I tried to discuss this on the Yahoo group CRONE, I was censored. I have archived the essentials here: Estrogen Roulette and Censorship.

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